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Tin nhắn chúc ngủ ngon tiếng anh hay nhất (p2)


* I just sent my 2 angels to watch over u and protect u but they returned and told me that angels can’t watch over angels and that nothing will never want to hurt such an angel. So good Night Dear! * i looked up in the sky n saw the brightest star i have ever seen,i closed my eyes ... Đọc tiếp »

Tin nhắn chúc ngủ ngon tiếng anh hay nhất (p1)


Let the most beautiful dream come to u tonight, Let the sweetest person come in ur dream tonight…. But dont make it a habit bcoz I m not free every night. Goodnight 1) :::G:::::::DDD :::::Ö:::::D D :::::::Ö:::DDD ___/, \___ \ . / night…./ 2) =*%-._.-%* =. ‘-._G O O D_.-‘ ‘+._.+’ =%*-._.-*% =, ‘-. Night -‘ ‘+. _ .+’ Keep ... Đọc tiếp »

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